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lol the horse ovservatory was to illustrate the evo's off road abilities. Plus I can't drive and keep an eye on a map...thats what a navigator is for.
I wish I could have gotton the look on your face before your evo was navy sub for a min LOL LOL. plus all the funny looks we got were priceless from the folks at the observatory LMFAO. we got to use the gravel feature on the cars to :godance:

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I agree it sucks that most people didn't show, but it was a BLAST and glad I got to meet some other members on here.

@kelvar13 and special k, thanks for dedicating your time for putting trip and the MTOD together. even if a lot of people didn't come I had an amazing time hanging and driving with yall. :rock::rock::rock:
Its no problem. I know that the people that come always have a great time. My wife and I have been going down yearly since '09. We love the area and really enjoy the roads. Hanging out with friends and making new ones is a bonus to us.

We plan on going down around the same time next year (Mid May-late June), so I am sure Kevlar and I will be talking to get some plans cooked up for an Evo gathering in the future.

I will say that I enjoyed driving my evo stock thru the dragon. Car handles real nice and it helped me find the gaps between my driving style and the stock parts abilities. Fawk those stock Advans suck compared to the RS3s I am running on my eclipse. Commence time for upgrades.

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So finally got my pics up.

Here is the NC crowd (Raleigh and East of Raleigh that is)

Evo in her element

Awesome views everwhere

More mountains

Even more mountains

The Evo portion of the Saturday meet. We did have a Porsche boxster, dodge caliber srt and a sportbike tag along

big ass dam

side profile

After running the dragon...about to hit up the skyway

View from the cherohalla skyway

This dude was ripping it up

Wife and the evo (I swear sometimes she loves the car more than I do lol)


Doesn't get much better than this

Costume mafia on Sunday

We had a lot of fun with the costumes lol

Its a me...Mario!

Give in to the dark side

Videos are next but those take forever and a day to upload. Should have some good runs though since it wasn't too crowded. Stay tuned for more!
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