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So went to Kananaskis this weekend and put the new Xterra to use:

Xterra by ThePieCo., on Flickr
Thank god it came with a first aid kit. Thought id never use it, was trying to cut something with a knife which slipt and cut my finger pretty deep. We were kinda shocked at how it happened so we put the first aid kit to use and finished our 4+ hour hike to the summit of Moose Mountain, definetly one of the most challenging hikes ive ever done

Moose Mountain by ThePieCo., on Flickr
But our wiener dog made it up and back...

Mountain Dog by ThePieCo., on Flickr
First time ive ever gone camping down there, highly recommend driving Powderface Trail. Good views!

Kananaskis by ThePieCo., on Flickr

see the rest on my flickr

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Gave a try at a stitched together panorama.

Panorama by ThePieCo., on Flickr
i can't find the seam!!! Panorama stitching is a skill in itself, 2 or more seperate pictures could have slight color or light differences that have to be correctly fixed before stitching... yours is flawless.

Tripod i'm assuming?
81 - 100 of 125 Posts
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