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my evo looks awkward....

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just wanted to get people opinion on what i can do my car has the aero package without the rear looks so awkward any idea what i can do to even it out since the rear bumper seems to cut straight up in the body line.... any diffusers i can buy that is like the ones that 8/9 have?
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Just get a full body kit u like or something...
Dude how many of these threads have you made so far lol! Did you end up getting those carbon rear spats for like 170?

If youre looking for an add-on rear diffuser, be prepared to spend a bunch of money. There's Varis and Jun which are almost a grand - but double as a full undertray that almost reaches the rear sway bar. There's also a couple other brands that are very similar to Varis, but arent full undertrays and the quality isnt as high (knockoffs). I have a ShowStoppers carbon diffuser sitting in my closet right now, bought it for about $500 - im waiting till spring to get it installed.



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I really like the Varis one with those exhaust heat shields, wonder how it would look with some carbon rear spats.

But the Evo IX Voltex one is still the sexiest to me, does anyone know if Touge Factory is going to be producing the one that they made or is it just that one that some guy on here has?
did any company ever make the single exhaust exit rear diffuser that was talked about a few years back?
oh yeaa I saw that thread, I think that's the only way I'd rock a single on my X
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