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I drove the X yesterday on snow and tarmac mix . The car has no modification at all, besides the snow tires./blizzak/ I find the X is more "car" with the ASC off.
Some situation when the car was at her limits the asc 'took over" and even when i floored it, the rpm wouldn't raise at all. I guess that is why one reason, why the X driven by wire. With the ASC system on, i think once you messed it up ,you done. I think you got little more option without the ASC, if you missed it. Only because the ASC+ S-AYC will keep you in line... And if that line goes off from the road and you are not experienced , that line will NOT change, unless you are braking. Wich can be even worst in many situations.
Otherwise the system feel just like the VI i have been driven, BUT much more refined and calm. There is some things about being calm too. The steering feel defenietly numb compere to the IX or down to VI. The VI and up 'till IX you have much more feel and connection between you and the road surface. Specially when you suddenly change the surface where you are running. Also you feel the car weight, period. I think those who saying you dont feel it, they start driving the car with the " im driving a heavy car " in mind. And that is why seems not heavy. I think... But if you drive start driving like "oh yeah just like the IX", you will feel the weight. But these are all feels ,so personal things..
i felt it heavy for sure though.
If you a good driver, you will find yourself to turn the ASC off all the time when you are racing, for sure. It is a good safety thing when you do your DD. and you got some sudden unexpected situation and you are still sleepy..

I still highly doubt the X will "smoke " the IX on track. it will be mighty close winnig, but not a smoke at all. Also because this new system and safety features in it, an avarage driver will run faster with the X compere to the IX and defenietly the VIII.

The ride is still bumpy though. I would say its a same as a IX MR.
But, the car out from factory, doesn't feels and drives, as a street legal race car, period.
That feeling looks like is gone with the IX. You will miss that? Some for sure, the new one's, who are just came to the Evo world , NO. And i think that is the most important thing.
But if they will jump into the older versions, they will have a big smile on they face for sure too.

I will do little more detailed review after track days with the X and against the X. If somebody interested, thanks for reading my review, i know its hard..
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