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Just noticed everyone wanting feedback for rebuilt transmissions so i figured i would post my experiance with Shep Trans. Computer just submitted thread?? so be patient while i edit ;)

I originally took my car to shep because the front diff had oil all over it, and realized the diff pins backed out.. At this point, my transmission was shot also from me power shifting etc etc... "Lesson Learned" Anyway i called up shep and he told me to just bring the car in and they will let me know what is all wrong. They also told me that any parts that could be reused they would not buy and not charge me for. So the tear down process took about a week and they told me everything that was wrong and also the clutch was shot too. And at this point Exedy rebuild kits have been on back order for 3 months out.... Luckily we both came through from calling a couple places and found a rebuild kit for my Exedy twin! After only another 2 weeks the car was already finished and back together! I could not be happier with how fast they got the car done, and how good their customer service is. They did not miss one phone call, and also emailed me. I would reccomend them to anyone now after.

Now onto the review of the transmission etc etc... Originally i had the reverse lock out, 3rd lock out, and sometimes 2nd gear lockout as well. Well, this is all gone now, and still gone after 4k miles on the transmission.. The transmission is butter smooth and i could not be happier with shifting. No more lockouts, or using foce to shift into any gear!!
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