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Hey y'all.

I'm having a shaking coming from the front of the car. This has been occurring after I installed a torque solutions front lower engine mount (75 duro). I am NOT talking about shaking at idle or other expected poly engine mount effects.

Going anywhere around 60mph+, especially in 5th gear between 3500 and 5000 RPM, the car aggressively shakes from the front as if I have front wheel hop or as if I'm going over rumble strips. The shaking stops immediately once I let off the gas and I can immediately get right back on the gas without it shaking again. The shaking comes and goes intermittently with no pattern and no clear triggers. Turning the steering wheel left and right while shaking at 80mph+ does not change anything nor does it migrate the shaking. I checked if my wheels were not balanced and they weren't...but balancing them didn't fix the issue.

Interestingly enough, when I let the car sit for 15min after shaking aggressively for 1 hour of driving, it does not shake at all once I get on the highway until I've driven another 30min. My car has 20mm spacers all around, wheel bearings don't make noise, no tire noise either. One of my front axles is leaking grease at the inner boot (looks like the clamp was lost--but I believe it was leaking before I installed the engine mount).

Is the issue my other engine OEM mounts now? Has anyone had this kind of weird shaking after installing the front 75 duro mount only? My only guess is that the stiffness of the new mount may have tore or "undid" one or some of the others mounts. I don't see anything abnormal with the passenger side mount and I haven't touched the rear mount although by the naked eye it looks normal. I do not experience this intermittent "wheel hop"-like shaking at city driving speeds.

Thanks for any help or tips!
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