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Nav System Stereo WIring

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I installed a bluetooth system on my car today, and I had to figure out what wires did what. Turns out, if you have the 9 speaker Fosgate system, you will need to jack into the sound wires on the amp, which is located under the drivers seat. I mapped out what all the cables are, since I couldnt seem to find this anywhere, so I am sharing here to save you guys some time in the future.

NAV Unit:
***These wires are low voltage outputs for the amp***
Front Left Speaker + WHITE
Front Left Speaker - BLACK
Front Right Speaker + RED
Front Right Speaker - GREEN

Amplifier under Driver Seat:
Battery Positive + RED (pins 25, 35, 36)
Ground - BLACK (pins 24, 31, 32)

Front Left Speaker + White/Blue pin 28
Front Left Speaker - Black/Yellow pin 38
Front Left Tweeter + White/Blue pin 6
Front Left Tweeter - Black/Yellow pin 14

Front Right Speaker + White/Red pin 27
Front Right Speaker - Black/Red pin 37
Front Right Tweeter + White/Red pin 5
Front Right Tweeter - Black/Red pin 13

Rear Left Speaker + Yellow/Blue pin 1
Rear Left Speaker - Gray/Blue pin 7
Rear Right Speaker + Yellow/Red pin 2
Rear Right Speaker - Gray/Red pin 8

Subwoofer coil #1 + Gray
Subwoofer coil #1 - Yellow
Subwoofer coil #2 + Blue
Subwoofer coil #2 - White
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Subwoofer Details

For those interested, the subwoofer is dual 1.1 ohms.
if you read it over, you have no rear right but you got 2 of each front left tweeters
Thats because they all use the same color like that. You will know which is which by taking a AA battery and touching the POS and NEG terminals to the battery. You will hear the correct speaker fuzz. Ill add the pin numbers, maybe that will make it easier.
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