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Navigation System

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Hi there, i have a question, i have searched around and i am not able to find a good answer.
Does the MMCS with the Navi have an additional video input?
I saw in a site that maybe it has 2 additional inputs? (1 RGB and 1 Composite for rear camera??)
Also, do you guys know if the MMCS software (easily found and downloaded on the mitsu site) can be "hacked" to change the background images or other stuff? I know it has been done on previews versions but not sure if it can be done with the current one..thanks..
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This is the back and the front as far as places to plug in I dont know. I hope this helps some.
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How'd you get one all pulled out like that.

.......wait, I'd rather not know.
How'd you get one all pulled out like that.

.......wait, I'd rather not know.
thats a pic from ebay ;)

thanks for the pics... they dont help that much though.. if you get it please let me know if you were able to see what the pinout is.
Or anybody else! thanks
Im almost positive that its the same one in the GTS and ES with navi... if so you can use an old manual for it from a non X... maybe the software might be different, but im pretty sure its the same unit... ill check that out...
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