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Need help with motor drop in. WILL PAY

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Hey y’all I’m a new member to the forums and I’m in a bit of a sticky situation. First let me introduce me and my car, I’m 18 years old and I live in Texas, recently got the EVO bug and had to have one, so me and my dad have been building up this Evo as a fun weekend car. It’s around 60,000 miles and had full bolt ons plus a MHI-18k turbo (along with necessary fuel upgrades) the 18k was not on the car originally, it was a stock turbo that blew, and here’s where the problem arises, the shop never changed the oil cooler and hardly cleaned any shavings out of the system. This eventually led to the shavings building up and hanging up the valve and contacted #1 piston. At this point we decided to go full bore on the motor and built it top to bottom. Now the motor is finished and we are sitting with it waiting to be put in the car. We really do not want to risk taking it back to the shop that screwed us since the beginning. So here’s the big question: is there anyone in Texas willing to travel a bit and help us put this motor in. Me and my dad know a bit about motors and the car of course but some extra help would be very helpful, if anyone knows how to put in a motor. We have everything needed to do the swap just need the expertise. Will be very open to pay that will make it worthwhile lol. PM or comment for contacting. Thank you so much and I’m very ready for my adventures with the Evo fully and to post on the forums.
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