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Need your help guys and gals!!!!

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So I'm probably just stupid, but I bought the depo racing fmic. And the lower side is 3". My issue, I have stock licp. Currently I have a garbage spectre 3-2.5 boot on it. But I want to buy new licp. My question, will anything work here. Or do I have to buy 3" licp.
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If you are reusing stock lower intercooler pipe you need to buy a reducer coupler from autozone. If you are running 3 inch lower intercooler pipe then it should bolt on.
The reducer coupler size u need is 3-2.375 i think 2.5 is too big and will likely cause leaks during high boost condition.
Are you planing to run the intercooler with OTS map or protune?
I personally tested with stage 3 OTS map it performed real well ( 1 to 2 Knock highest), but the HP/TQ gains are from a real protune.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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