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So i started doing my rear springs( I am not using power tools), pulled 1 assembly out in 5 minutes, very easy. I started compressing the springs while they are on the shock, so the top doesnt violently fly off when the top bolt is removed. The springs are compressed, but I cannot get the top nut to come off! The entire top assembly just turns and not the nut! If I try to hold the assebly then it doesnt turn but instead of the nut the giant washer looking thingy up top turns!!! WTF!?? Is this really impossible to loosen the top one without power tools? Its dark out now, and I guess I just have to reinstall the rear assembly, which really sucks......
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Yea, you really need an impact to take that nut off, otherwise as you see, it spins.

Maybe try hitting the ratchet as if it was an impact, or put the spring tension back on until it's loose, then re-compress the spring.
I used a vice grip to hold the rod and took the nut off.

u dont need power tool.
I had the exact same thing happen to me! I had all my springs done, got to the last rear one and the top nut, supposedly ~ 26 ft-lbs, would not come off. I used everything but an impact, which I didn't have, ended up using a pipe wrench on the threads and the fucking nut still wouldn't come loose! I ended up leaving it on jack stands for 5 weeks while I waited for coilovers to come in...That was $2k I didn't plan on spending but in the end I was glad I did, just not under those circumstances!
Yea... that's not exactly a way I would recommend. If the shock ever goes around that area of the shaft, kiss that strut goodbye.

EDIT: that was for the post above you ^^^
One option (unfortunately) is to remove the spring compressors, put the strut back on the car, put the car back on the ground, then break loose the nut. The weight of the car will keep the strut from rotating. If you don't have the right tools, this is probably the fastest way to do it (as I learned the hard way). Only loosen it a couple of turns while on the car, then you will be able to remove completely after you have the springs compressed.
Uh... have you tried to get to that nut ON the car?
Yea... that's not exactly a way I would recommend. If the shock ever goes around that area of the shaft, kiss that strut goodbye.

EDIT: that was for the post above you ^^^
really...mine works just fine
Could be in your head, or you haven't run the shock up high enough to ruin it. You cannot put anything on the shaft of the shock that can/will scratch it. Game over after that.
i had the vice grip clamp on the top of the shaft and used a wrench to take off the nut. I guess just an advice if OP do not have the right tool. But you are correct
If OP was close, i have an electric impact he could use, but Chicago be wayyyyyyy to far for me.
UPDATE!! SCREWD!! So I decided after a few hours of trying alot of things I will just put the rear shock/spring back on the car. Took me about 3 min to put it in and loosely tighten the top 2 nuts holding the strut in place. I then proceeded to align the bottom of the strut and the control arm into the steering knuckle so I can run the long bolt through lower control arm and the strut. The lower control arm wont fit in the steering knuckle, Its almost as if the steering knucle is bent in 1mm and that 1mm wont give the lower control arm clearance....:wallbash: I am so freakin frustrated. So now the car is just sitting on jackstand outside my apartment with the wheel on so no one tries to steal it.
Buffalo Grove.
Too far for me to give you a hand now.

Your trying to put the rear on, right? And it's hitting something that is preventing you from putting the strut back.

I don't remember what you need to do, but it's something silly that you move and it will go in. I thinking you just left up the whole thing and it rotates out of the way.

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The strut lines up perfectly with the hole in the steering knuckle, however the lower control arm does not line up next to it. It wont even fit into its original position. I think I will have to bent it 1 mm with a pry bar or something. Its just to wet and dark to finish right now. Thanks for the help though.
i had the same problem, i ended up bring each strut to goodyear with my other car and had them loosen it for me lol .
3 pages of replies and not one useful answer.. maybe no one noticed..

The rear strut have a factory crimp top, to be used to hold on while trying on open the hat nut (i circled it in red).. the picture i attached is not very clear but if you get your rear strut out you will see what I am taking about.. use an adjustable wrench to hold the shaft in place while applying torque onto the hat nut.. It will open in a jiffy!

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better pic

notice the shaft top is flat and not round so you can latch on an adjustable wrench to hold it from rotating :)

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