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To anyone that has replaced/removed their stock (junk) CMC and wants to donate it to the cause... I think I may have engineered a fix for the issues that arise when replacing with a new clutch.

Please Post/PM me if you have a:

- Busted CMC from clutch replacement
- Busted CMC
- Used working CMC
- Pics of busted CMC

If you're unwilling to part with your CMC for whatever reason, and you have a pair of calipers-- I may ask you to take some measurements.

I just need to take some basic measurements and design the parts, but I'm like 70-80% sure I've got a design that will work AND require no ridiculous labor to remove/replace the CMC.

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i still got my stocker. fully working with all lines and everything if you need it let me know when.
I could kiss you right now. Kiss. I mean open mouth, guy on guy make-out.

I'll PM you my number. You're way out in Western MA right?

STILL NEED: Pics of a blown one / A blown one.
Need more pics of blown ones

But a short answer:

I've figured out the problem, and I've figured out what I believe is a 20 minute DIY fix.
Those pics are just what I needed. We might has an epic win on our hands, community.

Is anyone planning on pulling apart their CMC soon?
H311 do you have your busted one still?
whats the deal here?
My working stock one just came out the car this week, I've got it and the stock line sitting in my garage. I'd be willing to contribute to the cause. Kinda sucks if you do find a quick diy fix considering how much I spent on my AMS upgrade CMC and install.
whats the deal here?
:+1: maybe tell us your thoughts so we can help?
CMCs are expensive, install even moreso. Margin for error small, install PITA.... If the stock cmc sucks, either buy a new one... Or make the existing one better. :)

To do that, i need to know how its failed.
Well just let me know if I can help. I can take pics of mine and I'd be willing to ship it you or whatever.
Please just be sure to cycle test it thousands of times before putting it to the masses. It was really painful watching this community act as guinea pigs to test every solution that came out when they thought they were buying fixes that failed within a year.

Oh, and make it cool.
We have top men working on men. This is top secret stuff. This will be a vendor killer if it happens. No money to be made after 20 minute DIY solution. That said, my Magnus has been good for almost a year.
Frankly I just want to build something. Girlfriends parents own a prettty awesome machine shop and ive always wanted to make shit.
Sub'd :)
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