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New Beater!!!

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Well since I'm getting pretty serious with the mods on my evo (FP red, built motor, sst upgrades etc...) I needed a new car to drive every day. So I picked up this turd :innocent:

2011 E93 M3

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congrats!, such a baller DD lol
Dude, what a POS beater. lol. Congrats! I know you just got it, but any plans for mods?
uhhhhh what? it would be the other way around if i owned both
uhhhhh what? it would be the other way around if i owned both
Nahh, it will be too expensive to mod the M3, and with the same $$$ the evo will be faaster
nice. congrats! more pics pls.
Thanks guys. As far as mods go I want to get my evo done first before I touch the m3. If I do anything it would only be an exhaust, high flow filter and wheels. But I like having a stock car with warranty not having to constantly worry about something breaking while I'm driving lol
i would just do some nice wheels and tires on it and keep the warranty. I would imagine that car to be really expensive to fix.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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