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JUST bought my new to me '06 IX SSL a week ago. Full bolt ons, ported head and exh mani, FP Black, catch can...nice stock block power.

4/28/15 - I take her to a local guy's house/shop to get a VBand welded onto a stock cat and installed, for inspection purposes.

4/30/15 - Go to take her to get tags/title/inspection. Crank her over...she starts...chugs like a dying tugboat (worse than usual, cold start is horrid...tune needed adjusting)...then died within a minute. Refused to restart, sounded very angry from the bowels of the motor. Heavy knocking/tapping. Battery works, fuses are good, full tank of gas. Didn't have a second set of hands to check fuel pump voltage or spark plug firing. Pulled upper timing belt cover off and saw the belt nearly falling off (see pic below). At that point I know I'm screwed...head is probably trashed. Got her flat bedded to my friend's shop to get her diagnosed for sure and start the teardown. He pulled plugs to check easy things first...and saw they were donskies. Dropped a camera down the plug port and saw broken bits of valve on the piston heads. At THIS point we know it's really bad...but until Monday when the head comes off we don't exactly know HOW bad....

I think the cause was a failed tensioner/pump causing timing to jump at startup. Just a theory. Mechanic thinks high EGTs (he's obsessive about them, old school) dropped the valves and jumped timing/killed tensioner. That makes less sense to me since the belt is obviously a thicker kevlar belt. Seems more logical that the thicker belt killed the tensioner or the tensioner was bad to begin with (changed 15k miles ago, two owners ago). I can't blame the guy I bought her from, from where I sit this was a freak accident/time bomb.

At this point (early, I know), I'm assuming the head is done (ported stock head, though HOW ported I don't know), pistons done, and probably some good scarring on the cylinder walls. Rods are probably good, but who cares they were probably going to get replaced anyway. I had been planning a build next spring...just gonna do it early I guess.

The Plan:
-MAP 2.1L stroker block
-MAP Stage 5 head
-FIC 2150 High Z injectors
-Buschur double pumper
-STM ported intake manifold
-Buschur 65mm throttle body

...Mated to what I have now:
-JB FP Black (rebuilt by FP 6 months ago)
-Toxic Fab exhaust manifold
-Buschur DP
-Buschur FMIC
-Buschur UICP/LICP
-Buschur 4" intake with Perrin filter
-Custom catch can setup with battery relocate
-GSC S2 cams
-built Sheptrans/tcase

I think with this plan I'll find the limits of 93oct well before the block/head/turbo. Thoughts? Yes I'm sad, but strangely calm about it...this isn't my first Evo but definitely my first motor build. I know it won't be easy or quick.

My questions revolve around the options on the Head and injectors...not sure what I need or should get. Not sure if there's anything else I need to get. Had also considered the new SS housing for the Black, but not really feeling a new downpipe and wastegate.


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Car is still being rebuilt, nearing completion though. At House of Power in Pennsylvania. Root cause was bad timing belt servicing two owners ago at some shit shop down south; timing belt tensioner likely failed, belt stretched/timing jumped/dropped valves. Happened at idle so the damage was minimal. Decided to just go stock displacement with a long rod rebuild to take better advantage of the Black's spool characteristics. Limited mainly by fuel, only using 93oct right now due to not having good access to E85. I think I should still nose up on 550awhp or so; very conservative on the parts but pushing the fuel.

What is done/finishing up:

- HOP 2.0LR 9.0cr
- .020 overbore to clean up dropped valve damage
- Manley Pro Series Turbo Tuff 156mm rods
- Manley Platinum Series Lightweight Pistons (85.5mm standard stroke)
- ACL Race bearings
- .210 wall wrist pin upgrade
- Polished OEM crank
- New main hardware

- HOP Street head package
- Full Blown 70mm throttle body
- Ported/polished (default "Race" configuration)
- GSC S3 billet cams (280/280 ADV... 238 [email protected], 11.7/11.5mm Lift)
- GSC titanium springs and retainers
- GSC Viton seals
- Ferrea standard size valves
- Kiggly HLA

Hot side:
-Toxic Fab V1 exhaust manifold
-Rebuilt JB FP Black (added turbo blanket)
-BR VBand DP
-BR 3.5" FMIC
-BR 4" intake w/ Perrin filter
-TiAL 50mm BOV
-Grimmspeed 3port EBCS

-FIC 1050 injectors
-Buschur Racing/HOP inline double pumper w/ twin 255lph pumps

-Exedy Twin HD clutch
-Short shifter

-NRG bushings upgrade
-Swift Sport springs

-AEM wideband
-AEM boost
-Custom gauge pod

-EGR delete
-Custom catch can/battery relocated to trunk
-All new timing components
-SE lip
-Plastidipped wheels (will be redone)

I THINK that's probably it....some parts are new some aren't....this time around is mostly just the bottom end rebuilt and head repair, with TB and double pumper work. Trying to set myself up for a bigger snail later; all I'll need are maybe injectors and a new turbo setup; eyeing a 6466 or Zero.

Visually she's in great shape, body looks great for being 8 years old. I have an OEM vortex generator to go on when I get her back, as well as doing a black vinyl wrap of the roof to hide and protect some deep scratches. The SSL leather is in great shape as well, no work needs to be done to the interior except for some detail/cleaning.


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A few pics of the rebuild. Also picked up a used Tactrix cable and a laptop for logging later on.


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The motor is back together, fuel system done, and break in done. Only issue is a finicky P0011 code that popped up during break in. That's when I decided to get the S3 cams on order; no sense not upgrading to proper cams and see if that helps. Those should arrive in the next few days (national backorder) and the diagnostics can continue; if the cams don't fix the issue the code will just be deleted, everything else has been checked. Then she can be tuned and back home to Daddy. As I said I HOPE to nudge up on 550awhp and 450awtq....

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Are you keeping the wheels the way they are?

Don't be mad at me... but when i see an 8/9 with black wheels I can't take the person driving it seriously. That sounds like a total a##hole perspective, and i admit that. I get jealous when i see an 8/9 out in the world, but if it has black wheels i get mad-bro, especially if its just painted stockers. :eek2:

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Got her touched up a couple months ago on the shop's new dyno, and did an E85 map. She made 497/425 on 93oct at 29psi. E85 made 580/470 at 33psi. Next spring, when she's paid off, the plan is a 6466 turbo kit, 2150cc injectors, build the trans, and maybe a few more odds and ends. She drives like a raped ape already, even though I'm normally only on 93oct.

Updated parts list a few posts up
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