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New Here and Have a few Questions on Wheels and Body Kits!

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Hi, I'm Josh and I've had my Ralliart ( The Black one ) for a few months now and haven't done much to it. I have an opportunity to get some MB Battles that are 18x9 with a +33 offset. Would I need to roll my fenders for these to fit without scraping? I'd like to keep it the same height as what I'm at now. I'm on coilovers currently. I will probably put my stock tires on them so it will be a little stretched and should help keep the rubbing away it would rub. Please give me your insights!

I'm also looking to find out what body kit this guy is running ( the one on the white car ) and where the best/cheapest place is to buy the parts?

Thanks for the help and glad to join the community!


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