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Hello guys..

I'm new in this EVO X forums. so I have EVO X GSR 2009

stock motor
stock turbo
Greddy TCI Exhaust turbo back
turbo smart BOV
turbo smart e-boost street 40PSi
Agency Power cold Air intake
Agency Power intercooler
Cobb accessPort
93 octane
stage 5 fly wheel ,and stage 5 clutch

My problem is the car is not tune yet,, only the tuner setup the boost control

P1 12PSi P2 16PSi

so before 3days ago I got the Cobb accessport. and try to install it,, so the car install it,, and I ESc the code.. any why I tried to to tune my car and add some boost by learning from youtube in the Turbo smart channel ... so I think I do something wrong :eek:mg: by setting not right setting.. OBS before it was 18PSI I made it 24PSI... so the car not working very well :wallbash: ,, 7000Rm only 10 PSI open..:confused2:

I need some body help me to tune the car ,, by telling me what I have to do?

qst1: Which stage i'm now,,what map should I go in this page to download

Qst 2: to Set the boost level ,, Gate Pressure Setting..and over boost level

I email cobbtuning . then I got reply from Ian told me to go for the

Stage2+SF 93 Octane Stage2 with COBB SF Intake, using 93 Octane fuel. Requires turbo-back exhaust. +28% HP / +19% lb. ft. May require boost control system changes

then I download the map and try to setup in the Asseccport and then I got

MSG " the Map download not match with the car ,,are you sure you want copy it in Cobb asseccport ?

then I press yes but when I plug the cable to connect to the car .. it show gray font car is locked ...

I try to download other map same MSG I got every time ,,, I make sure It's EVO X 2009 GSR but AccessPort manger still :confused2:

waiting for your reply guys thx


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I tuned a few Evo's out your way. I think you will have a hell of a time trying to setup the staged maps with your setup. You will never get the boost control to work properly. Most likely will overboost. I think getting a real Etune will be your bet not to damage the motor. Since all the mods you have listed are no supported by the COBB AP maps.

Shoot me a PM and I can tell you why... :)

Thx :clap:.. but from where I can get the Etune.. and how can I solve the problem .. with boost that only open 10PSI only ... how can I reprogram the boost ?

I want to use the Cobb what shell I do paid 500$ to get it :freak:

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Also that turbosmart boost controller is a waste of money...

The stock boost control system does the same thing and is built into the car...

Really I didn't know about the boost control as like what you said,, any way when start up the car

and drive it .. it's look fine when I do high speed . the ARM move very slowly

and I can feel there is something wrong with my car,

how can you tune my car,,and we are both live in different places .. you are in wast and i'm in the middle East :freak:

I don't think there is problem :duh:from what you said it's only about the boost control when I play with the setting :computermad:
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