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Hey there, my son and I recently picked him up a 2008 X, with a laundry list of stuff done to it by the PO.
And he can fill in more of the blanks, as he is the JDM guy...I'm more american muscle car guy myself. lol.
But what I know so far is something along the lines of an Stage II MAPerformance block, 2150 FIC injectors, massive 64/66mm turbo, dual fuel pumps, EVO 9 rear diff. It's got a really cool wide body kit on it. Air bags, the list goes on. We got it out of Arizona, and it dyno'd there at 5XX on pump, 7XX on E85. Shortly after we got it to Colorado, it pretty much decided to stop running properly. Had a local tuner in Denver redo the tune. Took out the E85 for now, and on 91, dyno'd at 655. They ran it around the shop there for half the day....then driving back north to our place that day it tripped limp mode, and it's back to square 1. And we have been on this journey ever since. (About three months since purchase now)

So we are here hoping to learn, pick brains, and share some Evo love....and hopefully...eventually...start understanding the car more.

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