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I've never owned an Evo before so I am new to this forum.

I was bored one day and decided to buy an 08 GSR. After doing a little research, I bought a bunch of used parts from Craigslist and installed them.

I recently had the car tuned by IveyTune in NJ and was expecting to make more power.

Anyone know why my dyno pulls are so shaky? I was hoping to be in the 460 hp range. I am wondering if the hi-flow cat I purchased is clogged. It didn't look bad at all.

Comment away. Any info is appreciated.

08 GSR
Full 70k service, new plugs, fluids, etc.
ID1000 injectors
Deatschwerks DW300C Fuel Pump
AMS fuel rail
AGP Upper and Lower IC Piping
ETS v2 Cat back exhaust with welded resonator
High-Flow cat (don't know the brand)
Megan Racing Downpipe
MAP EF4 turbo
Injen Short Ram Intake
Cobb 3 port EBCS
Cobb AP v3

They told me that the car was safely tuned at 26 psi.


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