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Hey folks,
I'm new to Evos but not cars or modding. I'm posting to see if i'm on the right track re: tuning. In my previous builds, I had standalone (an old Haltech by today's standard in my 200SX w/ GTIR swap), piggyback (EMU in my 3000GT VR4), and a professional flash (Hondata KPro in my turbo S2000). I've never used open source and flashed myself before, so I'm just running down the line to make sure I got it all and hoping to get a few questions along the way. I just picked up my X so i've got time, just like to plan and be prepared. So, here's my understanding of the basics:
  • ECU Flash - free to download; will be used to flash my ECU with the ROM of my choice and is used for tuning
  • Tactrix Cable / Openport 2.0 - Just under $200; needed to connect my laptop through the OBD II port to run ECU Flash and drop in whatever ROM I want
My more specific stuff:
  • Tephra Rom (v3) - $100 and basically the only option to run a true pump/E85 setup (without manually switching maps, etc) - this is what I had with my Hondata on my S2000 and would absolutely want that again
  • With all the above, I can do some tuning myself or take it to a professional (unlike the Accessport which is essentially locked to only protuners)
Assuming I have the basics correct, here are my more specific questions:
  • Evoscan - datalogging and diagnostic software that also works through the tactrix cable? Just confirming. Seems like it has some other dope features like alarms and the like. Seems pretty mandatory for anyone trying to do some tuning or just monitoring their modded car in general.
  • Emissions - what are folks doing here? I live in NY so I just need all the monitors to be ready to pass (not worried about visual or safety). With the tephra rom installed, are there any issues with the monitors? do they read at all? will they read as ready so long as the hardware is in place (O2 defouler or j-pipe, etc)? I had no issues with my Hondata and would like to replicate that.
Is there anything i'm missing here?
Thanks for taking the time. Very new to open source and thought i'd ask you all with experience before anything.
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