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Back in October we told you that a targa Pontiac Solstice was on the way sometime in 2008, and now Left Lane News is reporting that the removable top two-seater will be unveiled in New York in two weeks. The targa setup will consist of panels over the driver and passenger seats that can stow into the trunk of the two-seater. It's still unknown how many configurations the stowable top will have, but hard and soft-top variations are possible. Production on the targa Solstice will reportedly start in January of 2009, with 10,000 units per year planned.

We really enjoyed our time with the Solstice GXP last spring, but the soft top was way less than stellar, as anyone who has attempted to operate one will tell you. A targa roof could fix that problem while still delivering on the fashionable looks of the 2002 concept car. There is still no news concerning a Solstice coupe, but Maximum Bob wants one, and we're with him.

[Source: Left Lane News]

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