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Next Mod???

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Hey guys, I am trying to get some advice. In my signature you can see what mods I have on here now. I am at 327 whp right now and I haven't installed a mod in about 1 month (I'm getting itchy). What should be my next addition for best hp gain?
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ETS Cat-back exhaust
ETS Test Pipe
ETS Intake
Speed Circuit UICP
Cobb AP
Rally Armor mudflaps

Bolt on part ?


1. downpipe <to finsh your exhaust>
2. 3 port EBC
3. Air flow < intercooler , LICP>
4. fuel mod <injectors and pump>

dont believe your going to see much more gain from bolt on's mods listed are good supporting mods for furture turbo upgrade.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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