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Motor Trend
's Scott Kanemura sat down with Michizio Niikura, the president of MINE'S Motor Sports, the first aftermarket firm to get its hands on the new Nissan GT-R. The conversation centered on the roadblocks Nissan has put in place to stymie high speeds and limit modifications to the GT-R.

We've previously reported on how the GPS system fitted to the GT-R would remove the 111 mph (180 kph) speed limiter when the car arrives at a track, but according to Niikura, it will only work on pre-approved racetracks. However, the GPS sensor doesn't automatically remove the limiter by itself, it has to be manually changed by navigating through a series of menus on the GT-R's touch screen. While having to go to a Nissan-approved track is daft in its own right, it's even worse when you leave. After the track day, owners are required to head on over to a Nissan High Performance Center where a $1000 safety check is performed. Don't do it and the factory warranty is void.

Another rumor that began circulating after the Tokyo Auto Salon has also been confirmed: aftermarket wheels are out. Supposedly, all the GT-Rs on display at TAS had to be driven in on the stock rollers, jacked up and then fitted with the tuner's chosen wheels. Due to a sensor mounted on the valve stem, if the GT-R is driven with aftermarket rims, an error code is thrown on the dash. And although MINE'S has fitted a custom exhaust to their shop car, they've found that any modification to the intake system causes the ECU to go haywire.

While all these findings are disturbing draconian, GT-R owners here in the U.S. won't have to worry about the speed limiter/track day issue. Nissan has said that the GPS system won't be implemented here in the States, but the future of tuning the GT-R remains questionable. Top tip Zac!

[Source: Motor Trend]
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