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The season opener for Japan's SuperGT series is a little over a day away, and the organizers have finally deemed one vehicle worthy to lead the GT300 and GT500 racecars around the track. A new Nissan GT-R, swathed in white and sporting the required safety stickers and light bar, will make its way around Suzuka this Sunday, March 16th, which also marks the return of the GT-R to the series after a three-year hiatus.

To celebrate, Nissan will be bringing out a half dozen GT-R racecars that the automaker has campaigned over the last 18 years, including the 2003 XANAVI NISMO GT-R, 1996 NISMO GT-R LM Clarion and the 1990 Calsonic Skyline, all of which will be making demo-runs during the morning of the 16th. Nissan will also have the 2003 MOTUL PITWORK GT-R, 1998 Pennzoil NISMO GT-R and the 1992 STP Taisan GT-R on display for spectators to gawk at before the festivities commence.

Nissan's full press release is after the jump and we'd be remiss not to point out that three of the newly minted GT500 GT-Rs are already in the top five during the practice sessions held earlier today. We'll be following their progress through our friends in Japan as the weekend unfolds.

[Source: Nissan]Continue reading Nissan GT-R to act as safety car for SuperGT series

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