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Nissan Intima Teana brochure leaked out

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Click above for a gallery of the Nissan Teana brochure.

The Scoopers of Cars have gotten their hands on a scanned brochure of the production version of the Nissan Intima concept, and it seems that in addition to getting a mass-market makeover, it will also be sporting a Teana badge when it goes on sale in Japan. The transition from concept to production has been uncharacteristically kind to the Teana, with the tightly drawn headlamps, plummeting C-pillar and elongated tail lamps surviving, but the suicide doors and 22nd century interior must have been scrapped due to feasibility issues. We'll get our first official taste of the Teana when it's finally revealed on April 20th at the Beijing Motor Show.

Gallery: Nissan Teana Brochure Scans

Gallery: Nissan Intima concept

[Source: Carscoop]
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So does this sit between a sentra and an altima?
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