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Nissan using special suit to simulate elderly drivers

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Much like the automotive crash test industry utilizes "dummies" of different statures and body weights to simulate different passenger types, Nissan engineers have developed a special suit to "simulate" the elderly. Nissan went to all this trouble because it anticipates that Baby Boomers will soon command a larger share of automotive sales. It's a preemptive plan to design vehicles that accommodate their needs. Well, some of them, as we don't expect in-dash prune juice dispensers anytime soon.

This innovative suit is comprised of several different components that are each designed to restrict physical movement or reduce vision (interestingly enough, donning the suit does not make the wearer crave early bird specials or migrate to Palm Springs). Dark colored glasses simulate the poor vision and gloves simulate reduced dexterity. Casts on on the body also weigh down the wearer's limbs to simulate arthritic pain. Our favorite is the big thick waist belt designed to simulate the "middle aged spread."
[Source: Nissan via WorldCarFans]
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Lol, its a transformer driving a Nissan!
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