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Hello guys, I have a Lancer from 08', I bought it one year ago and since then there were 2 annoying sounds coming from the dashboard.
First sound is a rattle coming from kinda behind the passenger airbag and the second is like a intermittent high pitched noise, like the morse code and it's coming directly from the gauges or somewhere in front of the driver. The thing is they both sound at once, it's never only the high pitched noise or only the rattle and the other spooky thing is that they only start when I hit 40 km/h. Yes these sounds are speed dependent not rev dependent. I think it's something to do with the airbag, cuz' maybe they will only deploy in case of an accident only above 40 km/h? there is like a sensor or idk but it really pisses me off. I once removed the glove box and reached my hand everywhere in the dashboard, but I couldn't find anything that is now fixed and might vibrate. Another thing is that these sounds sometimes stop, but sometimes don't, I drove 200 km and they were still doing their thing, but there are times when they stop in the first few km, AND there are times when they didn't start at all...I don't really want to go to a service to remove the entire dashboard to find the problem, cuz' they might brake something else and cause other annoying sounds. If anyone encountered or has any idea of what these sounds may be, please let me know.
Car specs:
2.0 DI-D Diesel Engine (the VW sourced engine) yeah I live in Europe:LOL:
140 HP but I have stage 1 tuning that pumps the engine to 177 HP.
315K KM on the odometer.
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