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Welcome to

This is the, “Noob Help Center”. This thread is designed to help the new members of this forum learn the ropes of the forums, answer basic questions, and most importantly gain knowledge about your EVO.

Forum FAQS:

Member Intro thread:

Follow the rules set forth in the link provided below at all times.

Forum Rules and Guidelines Updated

SECTION 2: What mods should I do first?
No one is going to tell you how to mod your car and in what order to do it in. There is however a great thread made by our "Gear Head", Hollywood_X in which he recommends what mods should be done, and in what order to do them in.

Hollywood_X also provided a thread about choosing the right shop for you and what to expect from that shop.

Exhaust Leagilty thread by state also provided by Hollywood_X

SECTION 3: Tuning your EVO
No one is going to tell you how to build your car. It is recommended to have your car tuned for your mods in order to maximize the power that your mods can produce. If you can afford an EVO, you can afford to tune your car and have a properly running machine. There are a number of vendors/E-tuners available for you to use to tune you car.

Section 4: Warranty Information
If you have a warranty on your EVO, and you decide to modify your car, your dealership may or may not cover certain things if something were to go wrong with your car. The only real source of warranty information will be provided to you by your dealership.

Section 5: Moderators
This forum has moderators. They are here to "moderate" what goes on here on our forums. If you do not follow the rules, the moderators will be after you. Do not disrespect the staff on these forums, as they will not disrespect you. You may PM any of the moderators if any issues come up.

Section 6: Gearheads
This forum has a selct few special people we like to refer to as "Gear Heads". These guys know the ins and outs about everything involving the EVO platform. They take time to answer questions and give input based on their expertise. They also can be found at the link below. Their names will be in blue colored font.


Section 7: Vendors
Here at EvoXForms we take pride in having so many great vendors for you to utilize. Our vendors have “Grade A” customer service, and are here to serve you. Take advantage of great offers these vendors provide. You may also just send them a PM asking questions, and they are happy to answer any question you may have.

Section 8: How the forum works
This forum has a wealth of knowledge ready to be used, at your finger tips. All you really have to do is search for whatever you are looking for. There is a search button on the upper right hand side of the forum. We encourage everyone to at least search the forums, for whatever information you may be looking for, with that being said if you cannot find the information you are looking for then start a thread and ask the questions. You may also notice member names that are in a different colors, these colors represent a few different things:

Red: Admin and Mods
Blue: Gearheads
Gold: Local Team Members
Gray: Merchants
Orange: Elite Merchants

Sections 9: Informative Links

Next we have "Things X owners should know" a must read for all X owners

Wheels! This is a really well put together thread. Has pictures and lots
of great info!

Here is a link to Codes, Service Reset Info and some other good info

Tuning books; Knowledge is power

Instructional Video about Evo X

The "NOOB Help Center" should be your first resource when looking for answers, if you do not find the answers you are looking for, then of course ask in the appropriate section on the forums.

Welcome to,

-Forum Staff

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