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Oak Lawn Mazda Evo

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Hey guys I just bought the graphite grey evo x from oak lawn mazda, had 900 miles on it and was wondering if anyone knows the story behind this car? Previous owner had it for a month.
They told me that he came and traded it in for a 2011 white m3 his dad paid it for him but I don't know how realistic of a story that is, but they did show me the white m3 he got they still had it in their website inventory.

So I got the car, and the car had HID's put in, other than that it was bone stock. Second I pulled off the lot the left hid flickered and went out so I went right back and they said they'd order a brand new HID kit for me so that was cool.Later that night I noticed my headlights both were kind of fogged up, but today it went away..that seems like an issue that could re-appear though so I will bring it up to them when they change my hid's.

Also today I looked back and noticed the C-pillars werent clipped in all the way, both of them were sort of unclipped but I just pushed them right back in, that simply just seemed like the guys who detailed the car went really thoroughly and cleaned it lol because I didn't see those C-pillars unclipped when I test drove it.

Other than that car drives and runs like its new just those little issues and I just wanted to know if anyone knows why the guy actually got rid of it, tried to find his phone number off of carfax report but they didnt have it there :/

This is the car:

UPDATE: For those interested, I got the car for 32k with about 800-900 miles on it. Headlights have also been fixed and all good!
So far everything with the car is great...kind of hate shifting from 1 to 2 feels all notchy and grindy sometimes, heard its a problems with gear oil and common though its the 5 speed

Thanks Guys

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i was looking at that one ! i bought the one from indiana
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