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Recently I installed Clubspec Chicago's ACD/AYC pump relocation kit. Everything went well, except it seems that the outer cover for the pump doesn't seem to be shaped to fit the Evo X's trunk trim. (I think it's shaped for the Ralliart trunk trim, based on what I've seen.) It's not a huge deal to me, though, since the gap is fairly small. I also don't plan on storing any loose items in my trunk, so I don't expect things to get stuck back there.

In any case, the relocated pump takes up the space normally occupied by the tool tray in North American Evos. I didn't want to cut the box to keep the floor at its original height, and I figured losing the spare tire would net me some more space and save some weight, so I started looking for a trunk delete option. I then learned that in markets outside of North America, Evo X did come with a spare tire kit. The JDM/EU model trunk floor consists of:
  • 7646A103 trunk box lid
  • 7646A061 trunk box
  • 7271A047 trunk mat w/ subwoofer (for my car), OR
  • 7271A046 trunk mat w/o subwoofer
Packing materials Plastic Plastic wrap Transparency Event

North American dealer catalogs list 7271A097 and 7271A096 as supersessions for 7271A047 and 7271A046 respectively; this is NOT accurate. The trunk contours are different at actual floor compared to at the height of the spare tire kit. Below are some photos comparing the contours between 7271A097 (which out of my car) and 7271A047 (in the bag).
Brown Water Wood Tints and shades Beach

Flooring Floor Wood Asphalt Rectangle
Water Beach Tints and shades Sand Soil

Below are photos of my emptied trunk and the new tool tray in place. There are no mounting points underneath the tray or in the spare tire well, but the tray doesn't seem to shift around at all in my use so far. Everything stays in place just fine.
Car Automotive parking light Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting
Hood Automotive lighting Car Trunk Automotive tire

This is the tool tray filled up with the tools I already have. The jack is intended to be fitted upside down, so that the "foot" is flush along the surface of the tool tray. The larger of the two empty cavities is for a paper box that would have contained tire patch fluid. The smaller cavity is for the OEM tow eye, which I believe North American models are not equipped to use. The compressor is a generic OEM type that was sold by man different makes at the time. Mine came from Mazda.
Hood Car Trunk Vehicle Personal luxury car

The trunk mat goes directly on top of the tool tray. There is no additional lid that covering the tray, aside from the small lid that covers the largest compartment.
Hood Trunk Automotive exterior Car Automotive design

The Clubspec Chicago kit mounts the pump on a small, elevated plinth. By cutting two long slits in the trunk mat, it slides neatly underneath the plinth for a very clean appearance.
Automotive tire Gas Automotive exhaust Cylinder Machine

In total, the trunk floor is lowered by about 90mm. Access to the battery compartment is also much easier, since the door can now swing open completely in the trunk, without being obstructed by the spare tire and raised trunk floor.
Automotive tire Grey Automotive exterior Vehicle door Wood

I ordered all of my parts from Amayama, who were very responsive and easy to deal with. The total cost with shipping was $410.15, and shipping took 5 days by DHL. It might have been expensive, but I'm very to have found an OEM solution to my problem.

I hope you found this helpful.
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