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For the novice evo enthusiasts on this site, here is a list of abbreviations you could possibly see on these forums. Mods, this isn't cut and paste; I spent several hours on this, and would appreciate it being stickied.

ABS= Antilock Braking System
A/F or AFR= Air/Fuel Ratio
A/R= (Area/Radius) describes a geometric characteristic of all compressor and turbine housings
ABSV= Air Bypass Solenoid Valve
ACD= Active Center Differential
ALCL= Assembly Line Communications Link
ALDL= Assembly Line Data Link
AP- AccessPort; tuning solution by Cobb Tuning
APS= Absolute Pressure Sensor or Atmospheric Pressure Sensor
ASC= Active Stability Control
ASDM= Airbag System Diagnostic Module
ATDC= After Top Dead Center
ATF= Automatic Transmission Fluid
ATS= Air Temperature Sensor
AYC= Active Yaw Control
AWD= All Wheel Drive
AWHP= All Wheel Horsepower

B+ = Battery Positive Voltage
BARO= Barometric Pressure
BAT= Battery
BHP= Brake Horsepower
BOV= Blow Off Valve
BSFC= Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (fuel flow rate required to generate each Horsepower).
BTDC = Before Top Dead Center
BW= Borg Warner (i.e. BW s256 turbo)

CAI= Cold Air Intake
Camber= Positive- top of the wheel is farther out (away from axle) than the bottom; Negative- bottom of the wheel is farther out than the top.
CAN= Controller Area Network
CANP= Canister Purge Solenoid Valve
Caster= angular displacement from the vertical axis of the suspension
CAT= Catalytic Converter
CBE= Cat Back Exhaust
CCV= Closed Crankcase Ventilation
CEL= Check Engine Light
CeO2- Alumina OxideCerum Oxide- CeO2 + Platinum, Paladium, and Rhodium make up catalytic active material in catalytic converters.
CKP= Crankshaft Position Sensor
CMP= Camshaft Position Sensor
CO= Carbon Monoxide
CO2= Carbon Dioxide
COP= Coil On Plug ignition
CTS= Coolant Temperature Sensor

DD= Daily Driver
DEFI= Digital Electronic Fuel Injection
DFS= Deceleration Fuel Shutoff
DIS= Direct Ignition System/ Distributorless Ignition System
DLC= Data Link Connector
DOHC= Double Overhead Camshaft
DP= Downpipe (get your head out of the gutter)
DRIVE CYCLE= Specific sequesnce of startup, warmup, and driving tasks that tests all OBD-II functions.
DTC= Diagnostic Trouble Code
DVOM= Digital Volt Ohm Meter

E-85= 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline; alternative fuel as defined by the U.S. Department of Energy
EBCM= Electronic Brake Control Module
EBCS- Electronic Boost Control Solenoid
ECT= Engine Coolant Temperature
ECU= Engine Control Unit
EFI= Electronic Fuel Injection
EGO= Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor (commonly referred to as o2 sensor)
EGR= Exhaust Gas Recirculation
EGT= Exhaust Gas Temperature; read in Celcius or Fahrenheit
ET**= A way of measure a rim’s offset. ET35 means a rim’s center line is 35mm off of the mounting surface’s (hub’s) centerline.
EVAP= Evaporative Emission System
EWG= External Wastegate

FMIC= Front Mount Intercooler
FtLb= Foot Pound
FP= Forced Performance (i.e. FP red)
FPR= Fuel Pressure Regulator
FTL= For The Loss
FTMFL= For The Mother F**kin Loss
FTMFW= For The Mother F**kin Win
FTW= For The Win
FWD= Front-Wheel Drive
FWHP= Flywheel Horsepower (also commonly known as crank horsepower).

GND= Ground
GVW= Gross Vehicle Weight

H = Hydrocarbon
HEI= High Energy Ignition
HFC= High Flow Catalytic Converter
HO2S= Heated Oxygen Sensor
Hp= Horsepower
HWG= High Wastegate Duty Cycle

IAC= Idle Air Control
IAT= Intake Air Temperature
IC= Intercooler
ID= Inside Diameter
IGN= Ignition
IIRC= If I Remember Correctly
IWG= Internal Wastegate

KOEO= Key On, Engine Off
KOER= Key On, Engine Running
kPa= Kilopascals
KS= Knock Sensor

Drunken Redneck
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LCD= Liquid Crystal Display
LED= Light Emitting Diode
LHD= Left-Hand Drive
LICP= Lower Intercooler Pipe
LTFT= Long Term Fuel Trim- learned value over time which changes gradually in response to conditions such as fuel oxygen content, air leaks, variation in fuel pressure, altitude and so on. This information is used during warm up and wide open throttle conditions.
LWG= Low Wastegate Duty Cycle

MAF= Mass Air Flow
MAP= Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor
MAT= Manifold Air Temperature
MBC- Manual Boost Controller
MC- Master Cylinder
MIL= Malfunction Indicator Light
MIVEC= Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control System
MPG= Miles Per Gallon
MPH= Miles Per Hour
ms= Millisecond
mV= Millivolts

NA= Normally Aspirated; non- forced induction engine
NARROWBAND= o2 sensor constructed partially of zirconium which generates its own voltage at 450mV. 450mV=14.7:1 AFR. Sensor switches below 450mV indicating lean condition, and above 450mV indicating rich condition. That makes the narrowband inferior for AFR monitoring purposes since actual AFR above or below 450mV is only output from sensor as lean/rich, and not an actual AFR (ie, 11.2:1).
Nm= Newton Meters
NOX= Oxides of Nitrogen

O2S= Oxygen Sensor
OBD I= Onboard Diagnostics One
OBD II= Onboard Diagnostics Two
OD= Outside Diameter
OE= Original Equipment
OEM= Original Equipment Manufacturer
OHC= Overhead Camshaft
OHV= Overhead Valve

P/N= Part Number
PARAMETERS= Readings on scan tools representing functions measured by OBD-II and proprietary readings
PCM= Powertrain Control Module
PCV= Positive Crankcase Ventilation
PID= Parameter ID
PPM= Parts Per Million
PROM= Program Read Only Memory (chip)
PSI= Pounds Per Square Inch
PTB- Partial Throttle Boost
PTC= Pending Trouble Code
PWR= Power to Weight Ratio

RAM= Random Access Memory
RECIRC= Blow-off valve is discharged into intake
RHD= Right-Hand Drive
ROM= Read Only Memory
RON= Rated Octane Number
RPM= Revolutions Per Minute
RWD= Rear-Wheel Drive

SAWC= Super All Wheel Control
SC= Supercharged
SES= Service Engine Soon (light)
SOHC= Single Over Head Camshaft
SRS= Supplemental Restraint System (air bag)
STFT= Short Term Fuel Trim- instantaneous correction value determined from o2 sensor readings. Under normal conditions, it cycles rapidly around 0% correction value and is only functional during closed loop operation.
SRI= Short Ram Intake
SSQV= Super Sequential Blow off Valve
SSS= Sight, Sound, Spoiler; a package option of the '08+ GSR and MR. Includes HID headlights, 650w Rockford Fosgate stereo system, and taller spoiler.
SST= Sportronic Shift Transmission
STOICHIOMETRIC= correct amount of air and fuel to produce a chemically complete combustion event. (Fuel type dependant; ex: gas-14.7:1, meth- 6.4:1)

TACH= Tachometer
TB= Throttle Body
TBE= Turbo Back Exhaust
TC= Turbocharged
TCC= Torque Converter Clutch
TCM= Transmission or Transaxle Control Module
TDC= Top Dead Center
Toe= Positive toe- front of tire pointing towards centerline of car; Negative toe- front of tire pointing away from centerline of vehicle.
TP= Test Pipe
TPMS= Tire Pressure Monitoring System
TPS= Throttle Position Sensor
Tq= Torque
TRIM= relationship between the inducer and exducer of both turbine and compressor wheels; expressed as an area ratio.

UEGO= Universal Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor
UICP= Upper Intercooler Pipe

VIN = Vehicle Identification Number
VSS = Vehicle Speed Sensor
VTA- Vent to Atmosphere

WGA- Wastegate Actuator
WCM- Wireless Control Module; located in center console near the shifter
WDC- Wastegate Duty Cycle
WIDEBAND= o2 sensor capable of switching way above or below 14.7:1 (AFR), which is important for ecu to better control AFRs on newer low emission vehicles; also know as an aftermarket kit with wideband o2 and gauge.
WOT= Wide Open Throttle

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Very nice - thanks! That's a lot of work.

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Can someone sticky this?

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good work!

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good idea ... just wondering on the new cobb maps , what is LWG mean ?

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One more for you:
UEGO = Universal Exhaust Gas Oxygen sensor

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EBCS = Electronic boost control solenoid.

MBC = Manual Boost Controller.

thats all :) great work !
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