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Way back in 2006, Piaggio invented a new category in motorcycling: the three-wheeled leaning scooter. It turns out that they were really on to something - the MP3 has been selling so well that Piaggio has decided to introduce two new versions of the machine to the American market. Joining the original 250cc MP3, Piaggio has officially announced their plans to release both a 400cc version and a 500cc version. With 34 horsepower, the 400 offers a useful increase in power to the original MP3, but we're more interested in the 500. Boasting 40 horsepower, the MP3 500 is capable of about 90 miles per hour. We also prefer the Mad Max ready-for-anything look of the 500 to the swoopy plastic look of the 250 and 400. A Ducati it's not, but if your Italian cycling passion is a bit more rational, Piaggio may have exactly what you are looking for.
Gallery: Piaggio MP3 500

Gallery: Piaggio MP3 400

[Source: Piaggio]
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