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Ohhh Snap!!!!!!

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Finally got my Evo X! Wicked White, SSS pkg, Aero Kit and ISK pkg. Drove to JBA Mitsubishi in Baltimore, about 250 mi from Norfolk, VA. MSRP was $38,078.00 but I talked him down to $37,000 flat tax, fees and title included. I'm happy, I love it!

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Congrats! She is beautiful in white.
congrats dude.

whats the ISK package?
congrats dude.

whats the ISK package?
Interior Sport Kit pkg, shift knob and brake handle
Congrats! She is beautiful in white.
Thx bro
I had a choose between Blue, White, Red, and Silver. My evo 8 was silver so i went with silver.
I should of got the White. Dam it:wallbash:
i love white!!!!
nice pick man!
Congrats. Should've stopped by the house.
lol dam ya I should of. D.C traffic is no joke!
I love how your shoes glow in the last picture! Grats on the buy!
Thank you, Thank you. It was funny because I've been researching on the web to see who was closest and had the best deal. JBA Automotive was doing an internet special, so that was the reason I went up there. I didn't bring my camera up there with me but they had like 5 or 6 Evo X's up there. Because it was an internet special I didn't have to pay the "Dealership Mark up". I recommend going online first and checking prices before you go to any dealership!
I see only one thing wrong with that car.... it's not an MR!?!? Muhahahaha!
Congrats! I looked at the stock Brake and Shifter...bleh! I'm glad I got the package.
Great deal. Congrats.
Sucks were getting raped in Canuck land.
1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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