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Found a bunch of threads but nothing definitive about this we go.

Rewind to last year when I purchased ohlins R&T DFV shocks for my X....bought them very gingerly used with about 5k miles on them. successfully put almost 25k miles on them without a hitch...untill now. pillow ball bearings started to clunk after short drives, and now it's pretty constant and aggressive. Car still handles like a dream and nothing is noticable at speed, but at low speed under 20mph over slightly cracked and bumpy roads it's absolutely atrocious . There are a few options here....

#1: ohlins service for the top hats runs about $140/e. Have to put the car down, send out the top hats, and wait patiently with a dead Evo...

#2: I've heard many good things about the Vorshlag top hats, but I'm sure are prone to the same issues down the road. The good part is, they are easily serviceable by the user and bearing info/availability is out there. I just have no idea what size perch to order if I go this route, they offer 3: 2.25", 2.5", or 60mm perches. any help here would be much appreciated

#3: crap looks like either Ohlins has redacted all the information out there on bearing sizes to prevent servicing yourself...well at least they definitely tried to make it tougher....found a dead link with just enough info in the Google description to possibly help here...

I'm not sure what the best option here is. From searching around it looks like the OEM too hats will not fit ohlins shocks. Im looking for a fast and easy solution so the car isn't out down for long. I'm not against spending the $$ on the nice Vorshlag plates, but I'm left to wonder how much "better" are they from the Ohlins? the description makes them look like king Kong with their "oversized bearings" but I'm just looking for some real world experience and opinions.

any help is appreciated 馃檹

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