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Oil leak on engine gasket!?

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My EVO is 2008 EVO X GSR
Only add K&N intake system and Accessport Stage 1 tuning!

I found there is a little oil leak at the back of engine gasket,
close to turbo side!!
Could anyone help me take look of it?!
Is that a problem?!
Thank you for the help!!:bowlol:


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just looked at the pic with the arrows. I don't think you have any issue. Looks more like normal under-hood grime mixed with a minimal amount of oil that seeps through that gasket over time. No biggie. Clean it up and check it again in a week or two. If it's still clean, you're good.
I just checked mine.. It looks same as urs and I think it's normal..
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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