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click above to view more angles of the LOTR Celica

The 1996 Toyota Celica is way too small to transport an entire fellowship from Rivendell to the Black Gate of Mordor, even if four of the companions are pint-sized hobbits. That's probably why Frodo and the gang ultimately decided to hoof it, and have you seen how much second-hand Toyotas are going for in Middle Earth? It'd be cheaper to pay an Orc for a piggy-back ride.
Yes, I'm a LOTR nerd, but even I have a hard time appreciating the artwork that adorns this Celica. A guy by the name of Jason created "The Precious" from his perfectly good tuned Celica that already had a nice color-changing paint job with what looks like a yellowy orangish base. Now every time Jason embarks on an epic quest to get more Ho-Hos from his local Quicky Mart, the whole gang rides shotgun. Characters from the Peter Jackson trilogy that make an appearance on Jason's sheetmetal include Frodo, Aragorn, his elvish hottie girlfriend (can't remember her name, so I'm not that huge of a dork), Gandolf the White, Saruman the White, the Witch King of Angmar and Legolas... twice. Who wouldn't want Elijah Wood staring back as you unlock your car door?

Fortunately my appreciation for the automobile supercedes my fondness for fantasy, so you won't find any creations of J.R.R. Tolkein on my car's quarter panels. You can check out some pics of "The Precious" in the gallery below and read more about Jason's homage to LOTR by clicking the Source link.

Gallery: LOTR Celica

[Source: CarDoman Blog]

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