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Opel reveals 2009 Insignia through "official" spy shots, tells tale of misdirection

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Click above for more "spy shots" of the Opel Insignia.

The spy photo racket is big business, and GM's Opel division has been doing its best to keep prying lenses off its new Insignia model ahead of its debut at the London Motor Show this July. To stem the tide, Opel released a handful of "official" spy shots and a press release that details how and why the automaker applies artful camouflage to its upcoming flagship.

The design of the camo is actually there to confuse digital cameras through the use of moiré patterns (yeah, we had to look it up too) that cause a rippling effect on the photo. In addition to the obvious tribal vinyl, the vehicle's silhouette and sheet metal is modified with a foam adhesive that dulls the mule's character lines, and in the case of the Insignia, Opel's engineers have added a fake rear spoiler that completely changes the shape of the sedan's rump.

When the Opel Insignia makes its official, uncamouflaged reveal in a few months, we'll be paying attention, since the Insignia will likely replace the Saturn Aura sold here in the States.

All the details are available in the press release after the jump.

Gallery: Opel Insignia - Spy Shots

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