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P1320 code HELP!

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What can I do to fix this??

08 GSR
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P1320 Ignition timing retard insufficient.. Current mods might help, are you tune?? Might want your tuner to take a look at your tune.
I don't have any mods I'm stock
I gave power to girl a while ago and the next day the check engine light came up then I bought an OBD scanner in which I got P1320 code
The check engine light came on after about 30 seconds of starting?

I have been getting this, doesn't seem to be a solution to it and it happens more to the MR's.

If your stock, just bring it to the dealer and let them look into it. But I would just clear it and not worry about it.
Not really when I got home it was ok and when I started the car again to go out thats when the light came on
Yea im goin to take it to the dealer on Saturday cuz I do clear it but a week later on the same day I cleared it it comes back on( I clear it on Saturday, next Saturday it's on again)
Hey gstv,

I get the P1320 from time to time on my MR, normally under the following conditions: during the transition between fall to winter, and then the transition between winter to spring. I live in Canada, and specifically the city of Calgary, which is known to have significant temperature swings during these times of year. I think that has something to do with it? I've especially noticed this problem where the temperature changes a lot overnight, as if the car gets confused (during starting) if the last time it was running the temperature was significantly different.

In my case, I have a HKS panel filter, and Cobb AccessPort tune (93 Oct Stage 1) and that's pretty much it. My dealer has told me that they've had that problem with many other earlier year Evos, and they have no solution for it. Other than clearing the code and/or reflashing my ECU. Otherwise, it usually clears itself after a few days, or if I'm not feeling too lazy I'll clear it with my Cobb AccessPort.
I wish we could disable it. I get it every other day. I actually bought a bluetooth obdII reader so I can disable it when it comes on. I leave it connected all the time and use my phone to read and clear it. Real pain in the ass.
So I took it to the dealer to get it fixed they said it was carbon build up in the throttle all they did was cleaned it and reflash the ecu it's been a while now and it hasn't come back on :)
I use to get this code off and on. It would come on then dissapear for a while then come back on. Code went away eversince I got a Accessport. I think it has something to do with just how hard and soft you drive your car. I usually get it after doing hard runs or long trips. Just my 2cent.
So I took it to the dealer to get it fixed they said it was carbon build up in the throttle all they did was cleaned it and reflash the ecu it's been a while now and it hasn't come back on :)
I'm getting this problem on a totally stock 08 GSR with 45k miles on it. This is he 2nd or 3rd time I've seen what you did as a solution, so I might look into doing that. What did the dealer charge you to do this? Does reflashing the ECU cost anything? I imagine cleaning the throttle body would cost some labor, so maybe I can do that myself if I find a good how to. Does it make a difference if the car is still under warranty or not as to the cost of this repair? Does it make a difference if it's a TSB, because apparently Mitsu has addressed this already in a TSB. Does that mean you could get a reflash for free?
Just got this first time today. It's been really cold and then warmed up. I cleared code and now it's gone
2nd time this came on. Was in the low 50ies last night and today when it came on it was in high 70ies
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