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PAC SWI RC + Pioneer

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Hi Everyone,

Im a new member. Still need to complete my profile!

I am trying to wire up the PAC-SWI RC to retain steering wheel controls. My headunit is a Pioneer P6200BT.

The installation instructions are vague to say the least. Looking for some help wiring the unit.

Has anyone done a PAC install before? I have a 2014 GT

Thanks for the help!
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Edit: I got it mostly working. Volume up and down anyway. I had to connect the white wire to the blue wire on the middle plug coming from the car and the black to the black. I soldered this to the new harness from the MITO-02. There are two brown wires on the new plug from the mito-02 I tapped into and this worked, these wires connection to the blue and black wires on the factory harness.

I have the PAC SWI-CP2 that I am having a difficult time installing. I have Rockford fosgste with nav and I’m replacing it with a Pioneer receiver.
This is the diagram they provide. The part I’m confused about is the section in the middle.

This is the back of the stock Rockford Fosgate

This is the stock harness that I removed from the back of the radio with two wires circled that I thought I needed to tap into for steering wheel control. I thought the flat grey plug was the one depicted in the wiring diagram in the middle.

Factory harness that goes to the MITO-02 and PAC

Factory harness connected to the MITO-02 and PAC SWI-CP (except for the wires in question from the diagram above).

Close up of crimped connections
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