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Palm Treo 700WX (sprint)

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As the title says....
Palm Treo 700 WX
Palm Home Charger
Palm Car Charger
Palm Carrying belt clip
2 batteries
2 stylus

Ok... so the reason why I am selling it..
I have had my palm treo for a little over a year and a half.... and about 2 months ago, I cracked the outside of the case, and messed up the screen.... so I called in the insurance on the phone, and sprint or, lockline (the insurance company) sent me out a brand new palm treo, and I used the phone for 2 days, then got an awesome deal on a Tmobile Side kick LX, so I disconnected the sprint service and now have tmobile, and also have a "like new" Palm Treo 700WX Unlocked...

Asking price $150.00 OBO
Pics will come tonight.
I have no use for this phone anymore, and am not trying to get full value for the phone. The phone sells brand new on sprints website for $549.00 + the instant rebate and mail in rebate and 2 year service... which brings the phone down to $199.99, and then you are stuck in a new 2 year agreement. This is perfect if someone wants to upgrade there phone, but doesn't wanna renew there 2 year contract.
Sprints employee's cost on the phone was $350.00 brand new.


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