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Come join PERRIN Performance May 24th to kick off the Summer and celebrate the grand opening of our new retail showroom.

11:00AM TO 4:00PM

Free Food
FREE BBQ for all. Burgers and dogs yummy.

Big Sale
For one day only, all items will be on sale at great prices. Also Check out our Garage Sale tables for great deals on scratch and dent and discontinued products.
How about miss-logoed filters for $20.00. Silicone upper radiator hoses for WRX and STI for $12.00. Misc silicone couplers and tubes for $5.00 and up.

Open House
For the first time we will open the building and let customers walk through the entire warehouse. Watch the dyno run and listen in on a tech talk with Jeff Perrin. Walking tours are also available for people who would like more information on our company history.

And ........

* Special Guest *
Pro Rally Drivers Andrew Pinker and Robbie Durant

We are pleased to announce that two time winners of the Oregon Trail Rally Andrew Pinker and Co-driver Robbie Durant of the Rockstar rally team will be at PERRIN Performance for the celebration. Andrew and Robbie will be on hand showing off their rally cars, answering all your questions and signing autographs.

How do i get there????

Download a Google Maps Tack

PERRIN Performance
3111 N.E. Shute Rd. Hillsboro Oregon 97123


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OH. that would have been great if you could have been there.

I'd love to have the head honcho form EVOXforums stop by


I need some evos to come. Can you make it mandatory for everyone on your board to come to our party.

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^4thstroke is on your list twice! He's sneaky!
Oh no, you caught me stackin the deck. :p Actually that's a running joke on another forum. For the first few revisions i added him every time totally like 4 times. I leave the second one on just as a funny reminder.

I'll gladly drive out there if gas for my car is included in the "FREE FOOD" section!:thumbup:
At this rate it would be cheaper to have a sit down steak dinner for everyone then to pay your gas bill. :(

Sorry your so far away.

Up to 38 forum board confirms. (refresh your browser if you don't see um.)

Thanks guys for jump'n in and getting the EVO count up. At this rate i could end up with a Subaru column and an EVO column.


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Here are some specials i just found out about........

  • H&R WRX Lowering springs $350.00 with installation
  • PERRIN Intake systems (short ram) $199.99 with installation
  • WRX 19mm Rear sway bar for $185.00 with installation
  • WRX 22mm Rear sway bar for $199.99 with installation
  • WRX cat back exhaust, single tip $775.00 with installation
  • Lightened crank $179.99 with installation

ALSO don't for get about the garage sale items.......

Misc silicone couplers and tubes for $5.00 and up.

miss-logoed filters for $20.00

LOL not sure how much but i just found this box of scratched sway bars for Subarus and EVOs. I'm sure there's a deal in there.

Not sure how much on the price again but i found some misc, bends for intakes.

This stuff could be a gold mine for someone trying to build a custom intake.:disco:

John H

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(if you don't see it just refresh your browser)

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You guys are awesome. I don't even have to sell it any more. Its getting to the point that you don't want to be the one guy who wasn't there. :lol:

Keep um commin'

John H

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If I get some advance notice and I have a place to crash nearby, I'd consider flying out for one of these in the future.
I'll co-sign on that! With a good notice, I can book some places in advance and some could room in pairs. Let us know ASAP for your next party and we'll certainly be there to crash through. hollaThanks for the invite!
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