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Passenger HID problem :( please help

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Hey, am new to the forums. I bought a lancer RA 2010 in october. The stealership changed a few months ago the stock HID to 5000k. These days my car has has been hiting massive A$$ho1es on crappy quebec roads. And randomly one my passenger side HID went out so am like ok. I dont know how to change the HID so The stealership did it for me. I put back my stock. The aftermarket 5000K that went out was completly roasted on the socket :s. I drive around for 20-30 mins with the stock. I see them flickering and there out again. I call them in WTF?! Oh ok well have a look at it. I get a call oh blablabla your "evil communist" aftermarket burned your whole headlamps and you need to change the whole kit its 1399$ :eek:?!?!!??!! And no warranty because ur aftermarket HID apparently busted it. I said hell no am going somewhere else. Any ideas what it might? Could it be caused by a massive pothole I drove into? Theres no way in hell am paying the dtealership 1399 plus intallation to put some duck tape in my wires.
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check the fuses if thats not the issue you might need the Jrox DRL relay harness, which can be found on here for $35
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