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Which garage?

  • Garage 1 and all the specialists

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  • Garage 2 the specialist £40 he’l be able to tell you what’s wrong and how much

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  • Another garage because neither knows what they are on about 😂

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Hi I’m wondering if anyone has needed to have their PCV valve replaced? Also have many people had DPF faults?

here’s a bit of back log
The oil pressure warning light came on a few times, filled up and repeated a few time’s Before realising there was a leak from the front of the engine which explained a lot. Around this time the DPF warning came on and went off.

I wasn’t using the car much (through lockdown) so it’s been put off until now because things changed, the DPF came on and stayed on I probably drove it for another couple of days cause someone said it might just need to burn off some dirt or something. The car started to struggling on acceleration a couple days ago and I’ve just managed to get it looked at.

garage 1 (where the car is)
Says there’s oil in the air filter, he thinks it’s either the PCV valve or worn pistons. He said he thinks it needs a run out with regards to the DPF, that he’s cleared the fault. He doesn’t see any leak just oil all over my engine, says the dripping came from the drip tray. There’s no blue smoke or anything so I didn’t think it could be pistons, So I asked How much to do the valve, he needs to call me back as he needs to ask a specialist cause he’s been told he needs a fancy valve with a censor on it 🤔? He calls me back and says he’s spoken to Mitsubishi they’ve never seen a fault in a pcv valves. so he said it can’t be that so he has no idea Other than the pistons but you need a specialist to test them which he said will be costly. He said the DPF warning light has come straight back on so I need to see yet another specialist to have that checked which will be 220 but the two things can’t be related.

I thought it was odd to need so many specialist and that he totally ruled out the valve so quick because of one person said that so decided to call another garage even though this one had come recommend.

Garage 2 says it’s not the pistons. He says even though these are really reliable cars any part can have a fault which is why we replace them. He’s seen this before in Audi’s and voxhall cars he said it sounds like it is the valve if not something to do with the turbo. He said the two CAN be related and he would need to start by finding the fault on the DPF, from there he can eliminate things. He said he CAN do the DPF and diagnostics etc for £40.

I think the second garage seems to be this specialist the other lad needs so do I swap to the the second garage or are they both wrong.
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