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331whp / 338trq on KrazyHouse Mustang Dyno
Tuned by PeteyTurbo

Supposedly this reads lower than most mustang dynos do.
I also learned that Petey calibrates dynos as a full-time profession woop.

Had multiple issues with used parts being broken and ordering replacements. Then ran into the fuel relay fuse problem on the dyno. It was quite an experience. The guys are KrazyHouse pulled through with great customer service. Petey was up tuning my car passed midnight to get it perfect!

I did multiple runs, I think this is the final result.
He sent me the 3rd and 4 gear pulls although he primarily focused on 4th gear.

Was on the dyno for 1.5 hours starting from OEM mitsu map

Car pulls like hell. Wicked spool. My friends that were tuned here were surprised I broke 315whp on stock turbo.

Petey feel free to add any comments and send me those run logs in email :) Also are stock injectors maxed out? I wonder what difference those defective DW1000cc injectors would have made if they worked lol.

AMS intercooler
AMS resonated testpipe
AMS o2 widemouth downpipe
Buschur UICP
ETS intake
GM 3port boost solenoid
Greddy Racing Ti-C exhaust
Walbro 255 w/ Cobb Kit


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i am starting to see a lot more ppl run aftermarket fuel pump on stock turbo, is there a reason why? is your tuner telling you to?
im guessing they are putting aftermarket fuel pump for any future modification, if they go big turbo they already got the fuel pump and install. Basically you will need injectors if you doing a small build.
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