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Click for more hi-res images of the Mitsubishi Prototype S

Autobild spilled the beans over the weekend, and today, Mitsubishi lifted the embargo on its Geneva-bound Prototype S, which is basically the forthcoming Lancer Sportback in light concept trim. Beneath the hatchback's skin lies the powertrain used in in the new US-market Lancer Ralliart -- 240 horses, dual-clutch, full-time AWD, and active center differential. It's anyone's guess whether Mitsubishi will elect to offer it outside Europe, where the body style is sure to be a bread-and-butter seller. We certainly wouldn't turn it away, though; there's always room for more hatchbacks with "go." Check out the new high-res shots in the attached gallery, and Mitsu's official release after the jump.

Gallery: 2008 Mitsubishi Prototype S

[Source: Mitsubishi]Continue reading Pics Aplenty: Mitsubishi Prototype S

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