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Police attention with black out?

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So I have been off work for a while now and am pretty much going mental with all this free time. Was thinking I would do some blacked out tail lights. Any of you local guys getting hassled by RCMP, city cops, or sheriffs for the need to look good?
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nope, not at all. I've even pulled up next to cops at red lights, had cops drive beside me...nothing. If you dont act like a retard on the streets, they will leave you alone. Here is my car....

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-wet sanded with 1500grit sandpaper
-cleaned tail lights
-3 coats of VHT Nightshade (20mins between each coat)
-4 clear coats (20mins between each coat)
-let it cure for 24hrs
-wet sanded with 2000grit sand paper
-4 coats of polishing compound with the buffer
-3 coats of protective wax
i got it done for free, already had I take more pleasure in doing things myself.
i dont have any pictures of that and i cant get to my car until i get back at the end of Feb. The light is fine though. You can see the light on day or night. If you are worried about it, you dont have to go as dark as i did. Also with the drivers in Edmonton, i left the reflectors alone. Here is another picture and u can still see through the night shade...

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yea i was hesitant about doing this for 2 reasons. 1. didnt want to mess with the lights and 2. its abit ricey...but oh well. I like the black look on my car.
Just for reference, here are pics of my past vehicals. Neither of which was i ever pulled over (other than the one time i got caught doing something stupid and even then, nothing towards tint or tail lights)

5% front windows, 1% rear windows

5% all around, tinted tails (reverse section left normal)

5% all around, tinted tails

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Tinting the rear windows is fine, its tinting the front that could get you in trouble. Knock on wood, i still havent gotten in shit for it. Like i said, if you dont act like a retard on the streets and dont bring attention to yourself you will be fine. My buddy with a SS/TC went a few years with 5% all around and never got botherd. He got caught street racing, then got caught a few more times speeding and now the cops always harrass him about the tint. He went from 5% in the front to 35% front...still got nailed, now he is taking it off. But yet, i can drive next to cops all day long and they dont care about my car.

And yes $450 is way to much. I got my Rear Window, the small side windows in the rear and the 4 doors done (7 windows total) for $220
Just pay for the supplies and ill gladly do them for you.
You can still see the light shine through mine day or night and from a distance as well. But for added safety, i left the 2 rear reflectors alone for night time.
If you want your windows tinted, go to Xtreme Tinting on 97th and Yellowhead in edmonton. They do really good work and cheap.
Dont do it, you will save yourself a couple hundred and a big headache, dont do it.

I thought the same way about the 3m tape on my car. I got the dealership to do it the day i was picking it up so it would be done. It cost me $600 and if you do a search on here it cost me a huge headache. If i went to Xtreme tinting, it would have been done for $400, more coverage and a better job at doing it. Where are you getting the car from anyways?
lucky The only problem is if you break her heart, your lifetime warrenty on the tint is voided, haha.
Sounds like bullshit to me. Not sure when it started but i know for a fact 2011 Evo's and im assuming 2012's do to, already has something like moleskin. When i went to get my windows tinted he gave me a quote when i first pulled up and told me i need moleskin then when he looked at the car he said it doesnt require it because the seal around the windows has felt on it.
Their is an element of truth to the scratched tint thing......although not necessarily a given.
There've been a fair few comments relating to scratched tint without Moleskins, but neither the wife or I have had the issue and the tint has been on the cars for going on 3 years now.

Like i said, not sure when it started but 2011+ dont require moleskin at all and unless you got a rock or something stuck in your door, the tint wont scratch. The dealership is bullshitting him to get more money, just like any dealership.
So as i was going to pick florence up from work today i was driving down 97th st. I was in the right lane as i passed a cop that was pulling out of a parking lot. He followed me then pulled next to me at a red light. I was thinking "oh shit, here we go, im going to get a ticket" I had my window cracked open and i could see the cop put his passenger window down and lean over. He yelled over to me so i rolled my window down thinking he was going to tell me to pull to the side or something.

He then asked "is that a Evo X?" i said yes. He said "that car looks sick!, how much power does it have" I replied "about 400hp but its not done being tuned" he was like "holy shit, how fast does it go?" and said "i havent raced it with the next set up but it ran [email protected] with a few exhaust parts, im hoping high 11's with the new setup" and he asked how much i spent so i told him how much and that i just got back from over sea's and he said "nice car man" and then we drove off.

I was shitty bricks the whole time thinking he was going to nail me for something.
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