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power/turbo lag

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I bought my 2008 evo x gsr last year in may with 45000 miles, its been driving really good till last couple weeks. It feels like im lacking in power or turbo but something is not right. Taking off smoth from a stand point on first gear my rpm jump dramatically to 5000 rpms with barely gasing it, then the rpms drop to like 2500 to 3000 rpm once i start punching it from there at 3800 rpms i get my full power and the car takes off like its on crack. and this happens with every gear the rpms fluctuate and getting me full power at 3800 rpms. Not sure what could caused this. My guess could be the turbo going out or the transmission........maybe not sure! any feed back would be great thanks!
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it is your clutch telling you to replace it. lol
sounds like your clutch might be slipping and then catching
You'd have to take the clutch off to actually inspect it. But it's your clutch. Many people on this forum have had the exact same scenario as you, including myself.
A bad turbo wouldn't behave like this and neither would the transmission. Just check out the million threads about bad clutches and you'll see yours is the same. Hope this helps
In case you still wondering, it's your clutch.
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