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Problem with turbo spool...

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So today my ef2 decided to spool around 5k+ rpm range every time I WOT. I spend about an hour under the car on the lift and an hour under the hood checking if everything is connected and no hose is flopping around and nothing... Everything is secure. The turbo is still spooling up but boost doesnt kick in till 5k rpm +. I am thinking it is a boost leak issue (havent tested it just yet) but if there was a leak wouldnt it never kick in or kick in at random rpms??

The turbo still spools very strong but at 5k rpm range instead of the 3k rpm range like it was suppose to, at least like it always has...

Anyone have any ideas on what to look for or try to do to fix it? I am thinking of hitting home depot/lowes along with autozone and make myself a 10 dollar boost leak tester but I am not convinced that there is a leak just yet... Maybe the FMIC is acting up or the LICP? Maybe its the cobb bov... no idea... What do YOU guys suggest?
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^Agreed, evoxforums aren't the end all be all to getting ahold of any business...can't beat the good ole tele.
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