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hey all, long story short, I had my car tuned on e85 with the FP Black and full bolt-ons last year.
I have the ID1000 injectors and after the tune, everything was running great for couple of months.

on December 2011, the car started to feel different. WHen I turned on the car in the morning, it would run fine as usual. However during the day, when I need to leave the car, i turn it off and once I turn it on again, it has a subaru sound, and drives really unregularly, with a lot of hesitation. so I figured that I had a cylinder misfire.

I just came back from Europe, and couldn't wait to turn on the car and drive it a bit. When I tried to turn on the car, the car was having hard time to be on. After trying 3 times, the car was warming up with a deep subaru-ish sound. (really annoying). the "check engine light" is on, and it has the following codes:
- P0203: injector circuit cylinder 3
- P0014: B camshaft position - timing over-advanced or system performance (bank 1)
- P0830: clutch pedal position range/performance
- P0303 - cylinder 3 misfire detected
- P0017 - ???

Now when I opened the hood today, I found out that the injector all the way to the left is slightly out compared to the 3 others. Do you guys think that it is this injector that gives me these codes and problems on the car? However everything seems stable/strong and there are no leaks at all anywhere.
have anyone had this problem before?
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