I thought Id post this in hopes that nobody here gets scammed. I posted a wtb thread and was immediately bombarded with PMs like this. I have this post over on another forum of which I am a moderator, and figured id post it here too since the scam is basically the same thing.

Please be aware of a scam that has been popping up more as of late.

Users who post wanted to buy ads receive a PM from a new, or newer account with no posts on the forum.
The PM looks something like this;

Or it will say HI, I have one for sale, please contact me via email and post some obscure email address.

It will always be a third party member that you have to contact through email. They will never post a picture or an asking price, they'll require you to contact them through a Gmail address.

In short, the email will have you PayPal them the money (asking through Friends and Family, or another unsecured means) and then vanish never to be heard from.

Should you receive a PM similar to this, or if you suspect a scam, please report it to a member of the moderation team.

Thank you and stay safe!