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i just wanted to make a post encouraging people to learn about how engines work in terms of tuning. like how afrs effect power and how cam timing and spark timing work on a 4 stroke turbo engine.

i thought i knew engines, but theres a lot to learn about whats actually happening, and it really helps you in tuning your own car. tuning seems daunting for obvious reasons. but its really not as much of a black art as it can seem. u just need a wideband and a way to log data, along with a real understanding of what spark advance does, why knock occurs, why afrs make a difference and how valve timing events effect things.

once i understood how that stuff effects the engines, it made tuning seem way less hard. dont be scared to try it. as long as u know what hurts an engine, and u start with small changes and understand what those changes are doing

if more people learned to tune their cars, i think it would help everyone. ive been tuning my car for a year now and i taught myself. my bottom end and head are stock and still together making 498 on pump gas with no knock and conservative timing.

if i can do it so can you. Thanks, everyone. now everyone go learn about your engines and start tuning. you wont regret it.
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